Where In Santa Clarita Should I Move? Part IV: Acton and Agua Dulce

Two ranch communities at the north end of the SCV come with a rich history.

Wide open spaces, horses, small town lifestyle…That’s what the Santa Clarita Valley ranch communities of Acton and Agua Dulce are all about. These

Vasquez Rocks
Vasquez Rocks

two areas, while not technically within the City of Santa Clarita, are definitely a big part of the SCV lifestyle, where you can commute to the big city of Los Angeles during the day, and retreat to your ranch at night.

In fact, most of the properties in Acton and Agua Dulce are zoned either for agriculture and livestock, with most of these being dedicated horse ranches. The homes that aren’t are typically unique in design with larger than normal lots.

Aside from the idyllic “country living” that comes with residing in these communities, they also come with a rich and exciting history.

A high school named after a 19th century bandito?

Tiburcio Vasquez
Tiburcio Vasquez

If you’ve ever taken a drive on Highway 14 north of the City of Santa Clarita, you may have noticed the unique rock formations on the north side of the highway. That area is known as Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. It is a not only a major tourist attraction in the heart of Agua Dulce, it has also been used in several television shows, motion pictures, TV commercials and photo shoots. The rocks formed as a result of rapid erosion and uplift in the tectonic plates around 25 million years ago.

How it got its name.

From a story that’s straight out of a classic western movie, a real life bandito made his living through robbery and terror for nearly 20 years in the middle of the 19th century. Tiburcio Vasquez headed a gang of criminals, and robbed banks and stages up and down the state of California from around 1856 until his death in 1875. It is believed that he spent the better part of 1874 hiding out in the unique rock formations at the north end of the Santa Clarita Valley and, despite being captured near what is now the Sunset Strip in Hollywood later that year, the rock formation has since been known as Vasquez Rocks. Agua Dulce’s only high school is also named Vasquez High School.

Was Acton the state capital of California?

Acton began as a rough and tumble mining town in the late 1800’s, and was originally going to be known as Soledad City until it was rejected by the

Acton CA
Overlooking Acton CA

U.S. Post Office. Hence, Ravenna was born on June 12, 1868, named after local merchant Manuel Ravenna. The name didn’t stick however, and within a few years, the booming mining town was renamed Acton.

In 1898, Acton resident Henry T. Gage was elected Governor of California. In between his official duties, he also ran the (Obviously enough) Governor’s Mine in his hometown. There are stories that Governor Gage even petitioned to have the state capital relocated from Sacramento to Acton, obviously without success.

Both Acton and Agua Dulce have retained their small town charm, and are great locations to live for those looking to “get away to the country.”

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