What Do You Know About The New Water Restrictions?

Here’s a simple “True or False” quiz about the recent water conservation measures put in place by the Santa Clarita water officials.

True or false?

Santa Clarita residents are now limited to watering their exterior landscape only three days per week.California Drought

True. On August 14th the Santa Clarita Water Division voted to enact water conservation measures that restrict landscape water use to only three days per week for Santa Clarita residents. If your home address ends in an odd number, your watering days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Even number address watering days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. No watering is to take place on Saturdays. This schedule runs from April through October. Starting in November (Through March), landscape watering will be reduced to two days per week. 

True or false?

You are no longer allowed to wash your car at your home.

False. You may continue to wash your car at your home, as long as you are using a hose that contains a shut-off nozzle when  you are not using it to rinse your car. Depending on your budget, it is recommended that you use a professional car wash whenever possible, as they use recycled water in their washing process.

True or false?

It’s okay to wash off your driveway or sidewalk with a garden hose.

False…and true..with exceptions. No, you are not allowed to wash down your driveway or sidewalk with a garden hose UNLESS there is a hazardous sanitary condition that exists.

True or false?

Residents with water fountains must shut them off.

True. If the fountain requires additional “potable” water (IE: Non recyclable water) to run, then residents are not allowed to continue their use.

True or false?

Fines of up to $500 per day may be levied against residents who do not comply with the new water conservation measures.

True. However, residents will receive two written notices from their respective water utility agencies first before any fines may be levied.

For more information on drought conservation measures in the Santa Clarita Valley, please visit the Santa Clarita Water Division website. 


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