Thursdays Bring Old Town Newhall To Life

Old Town Newhall Comes Alive  Between March and October With Thursdays at Newhall

Town Center, Bridgeport, Centre Point. Depending on where you live, you might consider any one of these spots the “center” of the Santa Clarita Valley. However, once

Senses On Main
Senses On Main in Old Town Newhall

upon a time, Main Street in Newhall was THE population hub in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The area we now refer to as “Old Town Newhall” was the original business and population center, dating back to the late 1800’s when Henry Mayo Newhall leased land to the railway for one dollar. This brought people, commerce, farmers and families to the SCV, and the town sprung up around the rail lines that still traverse the valley by way of Railroad Avenue and Soledad Canyon today.

Originally known as Spruce Street, it became San Fernando Road in the 1950’s as it connected portions of old Highway 99 between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. At that time, Newhall was a bustling community of shops, businesses, and charming neighborhoods amidst a vast landscape of farm fields and ranch homes.

The area began to see a decline by the late 1960’s as ground broke on Santa Clarita’s first master-planned community, Valencia. By then, the valley had also seen housing developments spring up in ever growing sections of Saugus and Canyon country, thus shifting the population further out across the SCV.

Rebirth and Redevelopment of “Old Town Newhall”

By the 1990’s, plans had been drawn up and put in motion to use state redevelopment funds to revitalize downtown Newhall which, by then, had seen a decline in business and foot traffic. Infrastructure updates and incentives have brought new businesses to the area which includes two live theaters, several restaurants and upscale retail shops. In 2007, that portion of San Fernando Road between 5th street and Lyons Ave. officially became known as Main Street.

Bringing Fun To Thursday Nights

Along with revitalization due to redevelopment, the City of Santa Clarita launched a program a few years back called “Thursdays@Newhall.” Nearly every Thursday between March and October the city stages a different weekly event including Art SLAM, Jam Sessions, and the very popular Senses On Main. During these events, Main Street is closed to vehicle traffic so that SCV residents can enjoy these events that include live music, demonstrations, various vendor booths, food trucks, exhibits and more. Find out more about Thursdays@Newhall by clicking here.

Learn more about what’s going on in the Santa Clarita Valley by checking out the SCV Resource Center .



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