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Short Sales Are Down, WAY Down, in Santa Clarita

Huge drop in short sales and foreclosures pave the way for continued real estate market recovery.

Statistics from the Southland Regional Association of Realtors show some significant changes in the marketplace. It seems like not so long ago that our market was Short sales are down 82% over March of 2013flooded with short sale and bank-owed properties in our inventory. However, recent reports show that short sales in Santa Clarita have dropped 82% since March of last year, with foreclosure/bank-owned properties dropping over 50%.

These figures are significant in demonstrating what appears to be a full recovery of a once fragile real estate market here in the SCV. Many homeowners who found themselves upside down on their mortgage during the Great Recession have since either refinanced (or performed a loan modification), short sold, or performed some other form of foreclosure avoidance such as a deed-in-lieu of escrow. In other cases, homeowners who have held on to their properties are once again seeing positive equity. read more

Loan Modification Secrets

For some Homeowners in Danger of losing their home to Foreclosure, there has been a lot of Incomplete Information out there…. 

For example, many believe that a loan modification is a “cure-all” for distressed homeowners. While it is true that it can be a good option for some people, it isn’t always the best solution.

There are many more options available to homeowners. As a real estate professional with the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, I have put together a list of 5 questions that anyone who is in danger of losing a home should ask before they make a decision.

If you are in need of “A Financial Life Line”…Take a look at the Resource Information on this site www.SCVResourceCenter.com and download a copy of my report entitled “Loan Modification Secrets.” read more


HARP is designed specifically to help borrowers who may be ineligible for traditional refinancing due to loss of home value or because they have little (or no) equity. Like other refinancing options, with HARP you receive a completely new mortgage with new terms, interest rates and monthly payments. The new loan completely replaces your current mortgage and may lower your payment, which could help improve your monthly financial situation.

HARP may be an option if:
 You are current on your mortgage payments (and haven’t been late in the last 6 months)
 Your home value has decreased
 Your first mortgage exceeds the current market value of the home
(i.e., loan-to-value)
 Your loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac read more

Avoiding Foreclosure – Credit Issues – Find out more Info

Don’t Let Your Credit Score Drop Unnecessarily

Avoiding foreclosure now could make or break your attempts to get a loan in the near future and determine whether you can get affordable interest rates.

That’s why I’ve made my site available for anyone in our community struggling with mortgage payments.

Foreclosure alternatives like short sales and deeds-in-lieu allow homeowners to avoid many of the damaging effects of foreclosure. In addition, short sales may have less of an impact on credit scores than foreclosure. read more

New Guidelines – Rescue help 4 Homeowner’s who are upside down on their mortgage…

Short Sales have been taking so long & many homeowners worried about how their credit would be affected.  They have been on the fence.  What is the right thing to do…Miss payments or Stay Current?


The federal Treasury Department’s short sale program, HAFA, has been updated again and these new changes mean more homeowners will be eligible for help.  Part of Making Home Affordable, the federal short sale program offers many benefits for borrowers who can no longer afford to keep their home.  The government is determined to help lenders, servicers and borrowers move through this process more quickly and clear out the delinquent loans asap. read more

We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet

Recently there have been glimmers of hope that our economy is finally seeing a pinhole of light at the end of the tunnel (There is your metaphor of the day!). Growth, while still slow (too slow for some) is at least…growth, and the housing market has, as some experts say, at least stabilized and in some areas showing slight signs of improvement.

That may not be the absolute most sunshiney positive outlook, but compared to where we were just a few years ago, there are many people who are in a better, or at least stable, place financially nowadays. read more

Agua Dulce: Country Living, City Access

One of the many housing styles in Agua Dulce

Did you ever hear the term “We’re moving to the country!”? What does that mean? In this metropolitan gargantua known as the greater Los Angeles area, where can one go to get away from it all  for some peace and quiet?

Located just 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, Agua Dulce offers ranch-style, country living. It is a place that provides a small town environment that many crave, while still having access to commute to the L.A. business centers.

Agua Dulce is Spanish for “Sweet Water.” Many people move here because the homes are mostly custom designed, as there is no traditional tract housing in the area. That doesn’t mean Agua Dulce doesn’t have diversity in housing styles and prices. There are many affordable homes in the area, as well as luxury and ranch estates. read more