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Just What Is a Real Estate “Comp” Anyway?

Whether you’re selling a home, or buying one, the Comparative Market Analysis is your best friend.

Okay, so you’ve decided to sell your home. Congratulations! Now comes the big question: What price are you going to ask for? This of course leads to a What is a comparable market analysisfollow up question: How do you arrive at that price?

Or…you’ve made the decision to buy a home. Great! So how do you arrive at your asking price when putting together your purchase offer?

In discussing the value of real property, we have to look at it differently from how we might look at selling something personal, like a car. Real estate value fluctuates under conditions much like the stock market, only with a few differences. read more

Single Family Home Prices Leap Forward In March

Median home prices take a 6 percent jump over February.

Recent statistics released by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors showed the median price of single family homes in the Santa Clarita Is it time to refinance your home?Valley rose over 6% to $520,000.

To put this in better perspective, that’s a $30,000 increase in equity over February.

Homeowners in Santa Clarita have enjoyed steady growth in property value for the past 2 years when prices rebounded in 2013 along with a 14 percent overall rise throughout that year. 2014 saw a 12 percent increase in prices, and this year looks to continue in the same vein. read more

Accentuating The Positives When Selling Your Home

Making your home appealing to buyers isn’t as difficult, or expensive, as you might think.Home Staging Tips.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to sell your home. 

Now it’s time to make it presentable, and available, for potential buyers. While you might think it’s a daunting task, it can actually be relatively easy to “accentuate the positives.”

What is it that buyers are looking for when they walk into your home?

For the most part, home buyers are hoping to mentally visualize themselves living in what is currently your space. You can help make this happen by doing some early packing. Hey, you’re going to move anyway, so why not get some of those items out of the way now? read more

5 Things Sellers SHOULDN’T Do If They Want To Sell Their Home

Avoiding these misguided steps may hinder how quickly, or for how much, your home sells.

1. Over price your home.Making your home appealing to buyers

This is probably the most common mistake homeowners make when having their home listed for sale. It’s important that sellers grasp the concept of Fair Market Value, and how it pertains to home sales. Pricing your home competitively will bring buyers through your door. Those who think they can list their home at a price above what comparable homes are selling for are either ignoring their agent’s advice, or are getting bad advice from their agent. Contact us to find out more about pricing your home for a quick (and profitable) sale.  read more

Make Your Home Inviting To Buyers

More simple tips on providing a positive experience for buyers when they are previewing your home.

We know that, when listing your home for sale, it may be a bit of an inconvenience to have your home clean and ready at nearly any time of the Making your home appealing to buyersday to be previewed by a potential stream of buyers. Of course we also know that, the sooner a buyer makes up his mind to purchase your home, the sooner you can get back to your normal life (And get packing as well!).

Aside from pricing your home competitively and staging it to maximize the space and possibilities, here are a few other things to consider. read more

Selling Your Home? Consider These Safety Requirements

Selling your home involves insuring it is safe for occupancy. What does the State say about “Point-of-Sale” requirements?

Congratulations! You’re selling  your home! Now the escrow process begins, and also the process of the potential back and forth negotiations Safety issues surrounding a home's sale.
as a result of the buyer’s right to a professional home inspection. Now, as a seller, you have choices regarding a buyer’s request for repairs that may come about as a result of the home inspection report, but there also may be issues you are required to correct as a condition of the sale.

The two “biggies” that need to be corrected before closing escrow.

According to the State of California, there are two “must haves” when it comes to point-of-sale requirements in a real property residential transaction. read more

Home Staging “On The Fly”

Here are some tips to make your home more attractive to buyers without costing you an arm and a leg.

Professional home staging has become a niche business in the real estate community in recent years. While statistics show that professionally staged homes may be moreStaging your home for a successful sale appealing to buyers, this service does come at a price. In some cases, homeowners can spend several thousands of dollars hiring a professional to make the home look more aesthetically pleasing in order to fetch an offer.

For the budget conscious, or for those homeowners who cannot afford professional insight, there are things you can do on your own to stage your home for sale. In many cases, sellers overlook obvious fixes and minor repairs that can make all the difference in how their home looks to an interested buyer. First, let’s take on the “golden rule” of preparing your home for sale. read more

Prepping Your Home For Sale WITHOUT Going Broke!

Many home owners overlook the basics when it comes to making their home appealing to buyers. Here are some inexpensive remedies.Cheap fixes to sell your home

Even in what’s still considered a hot real estate market, what we are finding is that more homes are coming on the market. We’ve nearly doubled our available homes for sale inventory since this time last year, so sellers can expect increased competition when it comes to enticing buyers into their homes in hopes of receiving an offer.

They say the first impression is the best impression. This especially holds true to a buyer who is driving up to your property, and even more so once they are walking around inside your home.  So what can a homeowner do to improve their chances of making that first impression THE BEST impression without breaking the bank? read more