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Lichen-Hooper Team Offers 3 Incredible Land Parcels In Acton CA

3 separate land listings will offer buyers the opportunity to build their dream home in the beautiful, scenic community of Acton.

We are proud to announce our latest listing(s) in Acton CA!

These are three  5 acre parcels of land located off of Crown Valley Parkway (Virginia’s Way). Each is a separate listing, but you have the opportunity to purchase them all to suit your needs.

The properties have not been graded, but work has already been completed that will save you time and money. County water is installed with meter in place and fees paid, saving you:

  1. The time to find an engineer to draw the plans.
  2. The cost of the engineer (And the plans).
  3. The cost of plan check (Which could add up to thousands of dollars).
  4. the time to get the plans approved.
  5. The cost of the construction.
  6. AVEK meter fees
  7. The time saved in getting all of this accomplished!

Soils tests were performed in 2005 and meet all standards for septic installation and building, and there is plumbing in place for irrigation with five hose bibs. read more