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Mortgage Rates Reach All New Historic Lows!

Home loan mortgage rates have hit a milestone as they drop to a new record low. On average, a 30 year fixed mortgage rate is currently offered at around 3.53%, with 15-year rates dropping below 3%. These rates are based on approved credit by your lender.

This means that there has never been a better time to buy a home. With rates like this, you May qualify either for a lower mortgage payment, or a higher loan amount, which allows you a greater selection of homes and price ranges to choose from. read more

Rise in New Home Sales Show Promise For Market Recovery

When the economy took a negative turn a few years ago, one of the industries hardest hit in the real estate community were new home sales. Recovery had been slow for this industry, but this year, it appears new home sales have turned a corner in the positive.

According to the Commerce Department, new home sales in April rose 3.3%, and the median selling price of a new home is up 4.9% over the previous year.  Sales are still slow compared with the boom years when they reached a rate of close to 1.4 million, but the month’s results were slightly better than expected. read more

So Why Aren’t Condos Selling?

Well, I shouldn’t say they aren’t SELLING, they are; but they are lagging far behind single family residences in sales volume.

While single family home inventories are significantly low, condos are also still dropping in price. A great sign for buyers, but for sellers? Hmmm…

Median condo prices bottomed out in January at $184,500 and then improved in February to $194,000 but slipped again in March to $190,000 – down 19.1 percent from the year-ago price of $235,000. Condo prices haven’t improved year-to-year since April 2011. read more

Steps in Home Buying Process: Pre-Approval for Home Loan

Pre-approval is one of the most important steps in the home buying process. You should apply for a loan and receive approval from a lender before searching for a home.

Here are some reasons why being approved at the beginning of the home buying process is so important:

 1. Pre-approval for a home loan will determine your price range. Based on your down payment and that pre-approved mortgage amount, you’ll know what you can afford before you start looking. This saves you time and allows you to focus on houses that you can actually purchase. read more