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College Tips and Tricks: Be Sure To Have Your Essay Proof Read

Today let’s talk about whether or not you should have your essay proof read before submitting your College Application.

The answer would be resounding “YES”. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one”. It most definitely applies here.College Tips and Tricks

If you have an English Teacher, College Counselor, or Advisor at your school that would be willing to proof read your Essay and give you feedback, that would be helpful because we don’t always realize how something we write may interpreted. To have an outside source read your Essay and explain what they understand you to be saying is most helpful. Also, they may have input as to content, expanding on an idea and keeping the reader engaged. Along with any grammar or spelling corrections that you may have missed. read more

College Tips and Tricks: Is it a Numbers Game?

SAT, ACT, GPA, and Gender can make a difference when applying to College.

I will be discussing how your numbers may affect a Schools decision to accept,or respectfully decline your admission toCollege tips and tricks their institution.

It can be very frustrating when you are getting input from all directions as to how and what is evaluated in the decision making process for College Acceptance.

So, let me tell you…numbers do make a difference. Yes, the schools want well rounded students but it has become so competitive to get into college that when you compare apples to apples the best apple is chosen. What I mean by that is…If there are 2 applicants that both have community service, extracurricular activities, and leadership involvement in High School along with a good GPA & SAT how are they going to decide. Well they will usually choose the applicant that has the higher scores ie… GPA, SAT or ACT. Simply because they do not know you and have nothing else to base the decision on. read more

Could My Acceptance To College Be As Easy As Listing The Right Major?

Believe it or not the answer to that questions is “YES”. I know, I would not have thought so either but yes listing your major could have an impact on whether or not a School says yes to you.

Here is why that could be the case…

Let’s say your dream school is known for having a great business program. Well of course you want that school if business is your field of interest. But, so does everyone Applying for college could be as simple as changing your major.else who is looking to go onto business. Now it just got that much harder to get in because you will be compared to those applicants. Remember it is a numbers game. No matter what anyone says if push comes to shove it’s the numbers that will decide who gets that letter of acceptance. read more