Selling Your Home? Consider These Safety Requirements

Selling your home involves insuring it is safe for occupancy. What does the State say about “Point-of-Sale” requirements?

Congratulations! You’re selling  your home! Now the escrow process begins, and also the process of the potential back and forth negotiations Safety issues surrounding a home's sale.
as a result of the buyer’s right to a professional home inspection. Now, as a seller, you have choices regarding a buyer’s request for repairs that may come about as a result of the home inspection report, but there also may be issues you are required to correct as a condition of the sale.

The two “biggies” that need to be corrected before closing escrow.

According to the State of California, there are two “must haves” when it comes to point-of-sale requirements in a real property residential transaction.

Smoke detectors: These must be installed in the hallway and every sleeping room of the home

Water heater bracing: Water heaters must be strapped and braced to prevent moving or tipping over in the event of an earthquake.

That being said, you may also encounter point-of-sale requirements from your lender, or city/municipal entities.

Other safety items to consider as a seller.

While the two items above are California requirements, we also stated there may be repair or correction conditions required by local agencies or your lender. Here are a few other items to consider:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Not required by the State of California to close escrow, but they are now part of the health and safety code that homeowners are required to install as of 2011. The buyer’s home inspection report will usually list this item if it is missing, and it’s a good idea to have one installed. They do not need to be hard-wired into the home, and plug-in varieties are available.

Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures: These are required in homes built after January 1, 1994. Also, homeowners who are remodeling to include new plumbing fixtures are required as part of the permitting process to install water conserving devices. However, they are not necessarily a condition of your home’s sale.

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