Prepping Your Home For Sale WITHOUT Going Broke!

Many home owners overlook the basics when it comes to making their home appealing to buyers. Here are some inexpensive remedies.Cheap fixes to sell your home

Even in what’s still considered a hot real estate market, what we are finding is that more homes are coming on the market. We’ve nearly doubled our available homes for sale inventory since this time last year, so sellers can expect increased competition when it comes to enticing buyers into their homes in hopes of receiving an offer.

They say the first impression is the best impression. This especially holds true to a buyer who is driving up to your property, and even more so once they are walking around inside your home.  So what can a homeowner do to improve their chances of making that first impression THE BEST impression without breaking the bank?

Top (Inexpensive) Home Improvement Remedies That Will Appeal To Buyers

Curb Appeal

A neat and tidy exterior is important when selling your home. You don’t have to invest in any major landscaping.  Make sure you’ve removed any clutter from your driveway and visible side yards. Clean oil stains and other debris from your driveway, and keep your lawn trimmed and green. Repair any broken sprinklers, and remove and/or replace any dried or dead vegetation.

Keep it neutral

We all have our own tastes. That room you painted purple because it’s your favorite color might not go with a buyer’s yellow furniture…or vice versa. A relatively quick and inexpensive fix is to “neutralize” your wall colors with a coat of neutral colored paint, such as Swiss Coffee or Arizona White. These colors go with pretty much any decor, and can help embolden the buyer’s imagination as they “mentally” move into your home while they preview.

Keep it Clutter Free

Emphasizing the space in your home really helps a buyer to mentally “settle in.” Too many furniture items, or clutter in the corners limit their ability to see themselves living in the home. You’re moving anyway, so you might as well store it out of the way until it’s time to go.


This is sometimes the hardest for sellers to wrap their heads around. Those family photos have adorned your mantle and halls for years, and it’s tough to let them go. However, personal items and photos of another family does not help your buyer envision his or her place in the home after they make their purchase. You want to create an environment that is inviting to the buyer so that they can begin to generate their own memories in their mind even before they make the offer. Pack away your personal photos and other memorabilia.

What’s That Smell?

Nothing will kill a deal even before it’s begun than a funky smell in your home. No matter how beautiful, no matter how great the price is, the sense of smell is the most keen sense attached to one’s memory (True story!). Before you leave your home, make sure the trash is emptied and the home smells fresh. Also, stay away from perfumey or strongly scented air fresheners.

Want more tips on making a good first impression for home buyers? Contact us today and we’ll show you our plan to get you top dollar for your property!

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