Getting What You Want In a Hot Market

Homes are still quickly changing hands in the SCV, but does that mean buyers can’t get what they want?

We’ve seen a true rebound in the real estate market here in Santa Clarita. Median single family home prices have topped the $500,000 mark, and How to get what you want when buying a homesome homes are still receiving multiple offers, making sellers very happy. However, does this mean you can’t get what you want when it comes to purchasing a home in this climate? Here are three things to consider when making your offer.

1. Be on solid financial ground, loan-wise.

In a normal market, a loan pre-qualification letter is usually good enough to get your foot in the door with the seller in order to have them take your purchase offer seriously. However, if you can obtain a loan PRE-APPROVAL, that lends more credence to your offer in the seller’s eyes, and lets them know that you would be at much less risk of not closing the deal. Adding a sizable good faith deposit will look good in their eyes as well.

2. Consider the “win-win” approach.

Know that in any home purchase situation, you may not quite get everything you want. However, by assessing the level of importance in your housing needs first, you can then craft an offer that can try to meet them. Remember that, even if yours is the only offer, the seller has three choices:

  • Accept your offer
  • Reject your offer
  • Counter your offer

Understand that in any market, the seller also has needs. If they won’t budge on price, perhaps they’ll budge on closing costs or credits toward repairs or upgrades. There are many ways to close a deal aside from the price. Ask us more about the win-win approach to home buying.

3. There are more houses out there.

If you don’t get what you want the first time out, remember there are more houses out there for sale. In some cases, buyers who miss out on their first home find an even better one that fits their wants and needs. The trick is to not give up on your dream of becoming a homeowner.

We make dreams come true!

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