Early Application vs Regular Application

This week I will be discussing the possible advantages of early application vs regular application.

Some schools believe it or not have higher acceptance rates for early application than regular application. Having said that I would encourage College Application Tips and Tricksyou to apply early if you know what school you really want to attend.

Also, many schools if they do not accept you in the early application process they will automatically put you into the regular application process for another chance of acceptance.

If you go to the school website and look around really good at the acceptance rates for early and regular applications some will give you those percentage rates. You will see for yourself if you have a better chance of getting in with an early application.

I personally looked at one school and noted that the early acceptance rate was 82% while the regular acceptance was 54%.

I know this is a small tip but it may help. Especially if you know where you want to attend. So be sure to check into early application. Usually they start accepting early applications in November.

*Disclaimer: This information is based on personal experience and research. It is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed*

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