Could My Acceptance To College Be As Easy As Listing The Right Major?

Believe it or not the answer to that questions is “YES”. I know, I would not have thought so either but yes listing your major could have an impact on whether or not a School says yes to you.

Here is why that could be the case…

Let’s say your dream school is known for having a great business program. Well of course you want that school if business is your field of interest. But, so does everyone Applying for college could be as simple as changing your major.else who is looking to go onto business. Now it just got that much harder to get in because you will be compared to those applicants. Remember it is a numbers game. No matter what anyone says if push comes to shove it’s the numbers that will decide who gets that letter of acceptance.

That’s not to say you won’t get in but, you always want to put the odds in your favor.

A little tip that may just put the odds a bit more in your favor is to be mindful of what you list as your major. What I mean by that is look at the school first…what are they known for? If it is business and that is the field you are interested in you may want to look at the other majors they offer and pick one that is less popular. Say like horticulture. You can always change your major later. Most schools the first 2 years are to complete your general education and then you start to focus on your major.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this then consider listing your major as “Undeclared”.

Why you ask? Well the simple truth is that schools want to have as much balance as possible in may things. This includes the majors they offer. Therefore, if they have 30,000 applicants for their business program and they will only accept 5,000 into that program they will be picking the Cream of the Crop. If their horticulture program is not as popular they still want to get as many students into that program as possible and choosing that major could put you in a pool with only 5000 applicants and they will accept 3000 into that major. Much better odds right?

I am not saying that this is a sure fire tip that will get you accepted but I know it can make a difference. After all you are just trying to get the best possible chance of acceptance to your school of choice.

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