College Tips and Tricks: Is it a Numbers Game?

SAT, ACT, GPA, and Gender can make a difference when applying to College.

I will be discussing how your numbers may affect a Schools decision to accept,or respectfully decline your admission toCollege tips and tricks their institution.

It can be very frustrating when you are getting input from all directions as to how and what is evaluated in the decision making process for College Acceptance.

So, let me tell you…numbers do make a difference. Yes, the schools want well rounded students but it has become so competitive to get into college that when you compare apples to apples the best apple is chosen. What I mean by that is…If there are 2 applicants that both have community service, extracurricular activities, and leadership involvement in High School along with a good GPA & SAT how are they going to decide. Well they will usually choose the applicant that has the higher scores ie… GPA, SAT or ACT. Simply because they do not know you and have nothing else to base the decision on.

Gender can also play a role in the choice. Schools do try to balance the number of males to females they are accepting to the institution. These ratios are listed on the school website. Usually there are more females enrolled than males. That’s not to say that you will not get accepted just because they have enough males/females. But again if you are toe to toe with another applicant each of different genders and they have a multitude of one or the other they may lean towards the one they have less of. Obviously there is nothing you can do about this. Just know it’s not always because you didn’t measure up.

If you have done your best in regard to GPA, SAT, and ACT along with being well rounded than you have done all you can. Now you move forward knowing that you have done your Best.

*Disclaimer: This information is based on personal experience and research. It is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed*

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