College Tips and Tricks: Be Sure To Have Your Essay Proof Read

Today let’s talk about whether or not you should have your essay proof read before submitting your College Application.

The answer would be resounding “YES”. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one”. It most definitely applies here.College Tips and Tricks

If you have an English Teacher, College Counselor, or Advisor at your school that would be willing to proof read your Essay and give you feedback, that would be helpful because we don’t always realize how something we write may interpreted. To have an outside source read your Essay and explain what they understand you to be saying is most helpful. Also, they may have input as to content, expanding on an idea and keeping the reader engaged. Along with any grammar or spelling corrections that you may have missed.

Having the additional input is great. Whether or not you choose to use it is of course up to you.

You can also ask other friends/students who they are having read their Essay’s. You may find that there are particular Teachers, Counselors, or Advisors that do this each year to help the students.

Ask the reader to be honest and objective with their feedback. This will only help you to write the best Essay possible.

Be sure to have them read your Essay with plenty of time to make any corrections that may be necessary. Remember they have a schedule also and may not be able to get to it right away. You don’t want them to feel pressured to rush through it. You want the reader to have enough time to read and possibly reread if they wish. This way they can give you the best input possible.

Once it has been read and corrected you will also need time to rewrite as necessary prior to submitting your application.


*Disclaimer: This information is based on personal experience and research. It is believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed*

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