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Condos Make a Comeback In May

After a few months of lower prices, condos took a surprising leap last month.

Statistics recently released by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors showed a bounce upward again in condo prices; rising $25,000 in Make your New Year real estate resolutionsmedian equity from April to $315,000.

Prices for Santa Clarita Valley condominiums have dropped in recent months, hovering in the low $300,000’s until April, where they tumbled to $290,000.

Home prices typically fluctuate in a normal market, so these numbers are not surprising. Interest rates, while ticking a few tenths of a percentage to just (barely) over 4% are not holding qualified buyers back from taking advantage of market conditions and getting into the home of their dreams. read more

Single Family Home Prices Leap Forward In March

Median home prices take a 6 percent jump over February.

Recent statistics released by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors showed the median price of single family homes in the Santa Clarita Is it time to refinance your home?Valley rose over 6% to $520,000.

To put this in better perspective, that’s a $30,000 increase in equity over February.

Homeowners in Santa Clarita have enjoyed steady growth in property value for the past 2 years when prices rebounded in 2013 along with a 14 percent overall rise throughout that year. 2014 saw a 12 percent increase in prices, and this year looks to continue in the same vein. read more

Foreclosures Drop To 2006 Levels

As the real estate market continues to flourish, we’re seeing an even bigger drop in homes lost to the bank.Short sales are down 82% over March of 2013

As 2015 moves forward, we’re continuing to see signs of a real estate rebound nationally, and especially here in Santa Clarita. Home prices climbed on average 12 percent last year, and we’re seeing continued value stabilization during the first quarter of this year when prices typically drop.

It wasn’t so long ago that many real estate agents (Ourselves included), had at least a noticeable percentage of our business come from distressed home buyers, many of whom were facing foreclosure by their lender. Last month, the SCV saw a total of 12 short sales on the market, with only 8 foreclosures being sold. read more

Santa Clarita Condo Prices Jump In October

Equity has risen nearly $40K since January.

A report recently released by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors showed the median price of condominiums in the Santa Clarita Valley rose by $9,000 in October over the Buy a condo in Santa Claritaprevious month.

The median price reached $89,000 last month, showing a total of $39,000 in equity gains since the beginning of this year, when prices averaged $250,000.

What has triggered this rise in condo prices?

First of all, the real estate market overall has had a pretty good year. We’ve seen stability in the marketplace for both condos and single family homes across the Santa Clarita Valley. Buyers have also enjoyed the benefit of low interest rates that have recently dropped back below 4 percent. The lending market, having instituted guidelines for Qualified Mortgages (QM) has boosted confidence in the real estate community by insuring that buyers who qualify for a home loan can TRULY afford the home they are purchasing. This has given a boost to mortgage investors as well. This is extremely important in the continuing recovery and growth of the real estate market. read more

Santa Clarita Real Estate Shows Continued Growth In Equity

Home prices are still on the rise in the Santa Clarita Valley.What is your home's value?

It’s hard to believe that only a few years ago, home prices were dropping across the country, even in the Santa Clarita Valley. By the end of 2011, the median price of a single family home in the SCV had dropped to $340,000; down from a pricing zenith in April of 2006 when they temporarily topped out at $643,000. Now, that high price was predicated on shaky ground made up of sub-prime loans and market overspeculation, but even still, it stung a lot of homeowners to know they lost over $300,000 in equity during the “Great Recession.” read more

New Santa Clarita Real Estate Numbers Create More Opportunities For Buyers

July showed a price drop for single family homes along with a drop in interest rates.

New data released by the Southland Regional Association of Realtors showed what appears to be a shift in the direction of buyers in the Santa Santa Clarita Real Estate Market UpdateClarita Valley as the median price of single family homes dropped by $14,000 in the Santa Clarita Valley to $465,000. SCV Condominiums also dropped by $5,000 in July to $285,000.

Interest rates also dropped to a near 52 week low earlier this month. As of Friday, August 22nd, rates are still near the 4% mark, holding at 4.15.

Are we shifting toward a buyer’s market?

We’re beginning to see a more balanced market here in the Santa Clarita Valley. July saw more available homes for sale, settling in at 916; a third more than were available this time last year, and about 2/3 more than were available in the first quarter of 2013. We now have about a 3 month supply of available homes for sale, which denotes a turn toward a more typical real estate market that can benefit both buyers and sellers.  read more

Real Estate Market Creating More Opportunities For Buyers

More inventory in Santa Clarita coupled with steady prices give buyers a Santa Clarita Home Buyersbetter shot at their dream home.

We can’t stress enough the positive aspects of home ownership. From adding to personal wealth, to tax benefits, to the satisfaction of knowing that the home you live in is yours, and not someone else’s, owning your own property is definitely a worthwhile venture.

While Santa Clarita home buyers had it a bit rough in 2013 due to a severe shortage of available houses for sale, we’re seeing a slight shift in the real estate market this year that is creating wonderful opportunities for buyers to find, and own, their dream home. read more

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Newly remodeled, single family ranch style home sits on 2 and a half acres and comes with two more separate living quarters on the property.

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Three large bedrooms include the master suite with a private bath complete with new sinks, countertop, and shower.
Aside from the main house, this property also features living quarters in its own building with 650 square feet of living space, two bedrooms, a large living room and newly remodeled kitchen. read more

Santa Clarita Housing Prices Rise 5 Percent In April

Month over month numbers show growth in the Santa Clarita real estate market.

More good news for the Santa Clarita real estate market. Housing sales are up, along with housing prices!Santa Clarita Real Estate

A total of 369 escrows closed in April, compared to only 261 in March. That’s 369 buyers now enjoying the benefits of home ownership in the Santa Clarita Valley. We also saw combined (Condominium and Single Family Homes) median prices continue to rise in April to $402,500. That’s a nearly 5% jump from March when combined median prices rose to $384,900.

We did see the number of active listings remain fairly flat, dropping by 21 homes in April as compared to March. read more