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Where In Santa Clarita Should I Move? Part IV: Acton and Agua Dulce

Two ranch communities at the north end of the SCV come with a rich history.

Wide open spaces, horses, small town lifestyle…That’s what the Santa Clarita Valley ranch communities of Acton and Agua Dulce are all about. These

Vasquez Rocks
Vasquez Rocks

two areas, while not technically within the City of Santa Clarita, are definitely a big part of the SCV lifestyle, where you can commute to the big city of Los Angeles during the day, and retreat to your ranch at night.

In fact, most of the properties in Acton and Agua Dulce are zoned either for agriculture and livestock, with most of these being dedicated horse ranches. The homes that aren’t are typically unique in design with larger than normal lots. read more

Where In Santa Clarita Should I Move? Part III: Castaic and Stevenson Ranch

How a once popular tourist spot became a lakeside bedroom community, and when is a ranch not a ranch?

In this article, we’ll talk about two very distinct Santa Clarita Valley communities that aren’t actually part of the City of Santa Clarita, BUT…They’re

Beale's Cut
Beale’s Cut was the only way to the San Fernando Valley in the 19th century.

still a very big part of the valley and the Santa Clarita experience.

Prior to the invention of the automobile, the Santa Clarita Valley was a fairly remote place to live. To get to the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles, you had to squeeze your wagon through Beale’s Cut, and pay a fare to do so…not an easy trip! read more

Where In Santa Clarita Should I Move? Part II: Saugus and Canyon Country

The first tract homes in the SCV, and how Mint Canyon changed its name.

As we mentioned in our last article, while Henry Mayo Newhall may have landed in Santa Clarita, he actually did not name his settlement after himself. Rather, Saugus was the town of his birth…In Massachusetts. Thus, he paid homage to his hometown by naming the first town in the SCV.

Although, after his death, Saugus remained little more than a train station, a restaurant (Saugus Cafe, which has the honor of being the oldest continually operating restaurant in Los Angeles County), and a few sheep farms. From the late 1800’s through World War II, Newhall was the predominant population center of the Santa Clarita Valley. read more

Where In Santa Clarita Should I Move? Part I: Newhall and Valencia

The SCV is made up of several different micro-communities. Which one is right for you?

Valencia? Stevenson Ranch? Castaic? Canyon Country? Newhall? Saugus? What about Acton and Agua Dulce?

Old Town Newhall
Overlooking Old Town Newhall from William S. Hart Park

Yes, there are many small communities within the city of Santa Clarita and the Santa Clarita Valley that, while bonded through cityhood, began as individual and distinct communities within the Santa Clarita Valley.

As a matter of fact, residents, when greeting each other for the first time, will usually acknowledge their residential community. “I live in Saugus.” “Oh really, I live in Valencia now, but used to live in Canyon Country.” read more