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Business Name: Dan Perry Pool Liners
Contact Name: Dan Perry
Business Genre: Pools
Long Business Description: If you have an Above Ground Pool and are looking for someone to install a New Liner, Call Dan Perry to Install your Custom Pool Liner. Also will Install Above Ground Pools and Replace old Units.
Business Phone Number: (805) 583-3527


Camelot Moving and Storage
Camelot Moving and Storage
Billy Kornfeld
Moving Companies
Camelot Moving and Storage has been family owned and operated since opening its doors in 1986. Located in the Santa Clarita Valley just north of Los Angeles, Camelot provides personalized services for moving, packing, and storage services to clientele moving locally as well as long distance moving. Whether moving within Southern California or throughout the United States, Camelot Moving and Storage will take you there—with care and professionalism, because everyone’s home is their castle!


Infinity Med Spa
Infinity Med Spa
Day Spas
Your Santa Clarita Med Spa
Looking for the benefits of a relaxing Santa Clarita MedSpa? At Infinity MedSpa, we provide the latest in aesthetic treatments designed to enhance your sense of well-being and feeling renewed and refreshed. We’re the area’s premier aesthetic and medical spa, and to-date, have successfully performed over 30,000 medical procedures. We know that physical and mental well-being go hand-in-hand, which is why every treatment is performed by an extensively trained registered nurse, and regarded as a medical treatment, rather than a cosmetic procedure conducted by an aesthetician, laser technician or medical assistant. At Infinity, we’re also proud to boast a perfect safety record, giving both existing and prospective patients the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in the best hands possible.
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Although aesthetic medical treatments in general have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past two decades, one of the most requested are laser hair removal services. Sought by both men and women as a solution to unwanted body hair, these treatments have many advantages, including a freedom from razors, shaving cream, tweezers, waxing, and other painful yet temporary remedies. We make it even easier to receive the lasting benefits of laser hair removal by offering 0% financing on all treatments, leaving you looking and feeling your best — without making a huge dent in your budget in the process.Whether you’re seeking laser hair removal, or a more in-depth day of aesthetic treatments at a Santa Clarita MedSpa, a day at Infinity MedSpa is just the retreat you’re seeking, the perfect way to look and feel years younger while saying goodbye to unwanted stress and anxiety in a pampering, rejuvenating environment. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and skin analysis, and see how easy it is to unearth a brighter, happier you.


Mary Kay Cosmetics
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Venessa Woolley-Beauty Consultant
Beauty Consultants
I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay skin care and cosmetics. I strive to develop a personal relationship with customers to help them establish a skin care and cosmetic routine that helps them feel and look beautiful. I service my customers through home facial and pampering parties, where hostesses can earn free Mary Kay products, and through one-on-one/double facials, skin care classes, and special events.
(931) 638-2384


Skyline Home Loans
Skyline Home Loans
Don Goettling and Gino Fronti

Home Mortgage Lenders
 Don and Gino
The foundation upon which Don Goettling and Gino Fronti have built their Skyline Home Loans Branch in Valencia, CA is a simple one: It’s about relationships. This simple declaration permeates every transaction and interaction in which Goettling and Fronti participate. Their fundamental commitment to caring for their clients has opened many doors for Goettling, Fronti and their team.
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Over three years ago, Goettling & Fronti, through the nationally recognized Real Estate Radio Network, created The Don & Gino Real Estate & Finance Show to refresh conversations about the real estate and financial markets today. Their radio show can be heard every Thursday from 12PM to 1PM on AM 1220 KHTS in Santa Clarita CA. The shows can also be heard and watched live on featuring their take on the real estate and finance world as well as their featured guests that are the very top real estate and financial professionals available who share timely information with the general public. The Don and Gino Real Estate & Finance Show gives the public access to the very best real estate agents, CPA’s, bankruptcy attorneys, estate and financial planners and more incredible experts. Goettling and Fronti see their radio show as an educational opportunity to connect the best and brightest industry professionals with individuals at every level of understanding of the real estate industry. Fronti and Goettling take calls and questions from across the country as a way to help people through the often overwhelming processes of purchasing and financing real estate.
Through their interview with the very best real estate and financial professionals available, they have created one of the very best professional resource groups around. This group is known as The Professional Resource Group (APRG). You can find out more by going to and you can subscribe to their weekly magazine “The Vault” that will educate and entertain you to personal & financial wellness.Goettling and Fronti’s commitment to educating people throughout real estate transactions is a personal one. After leaving a granite and construction business to become a real estate investor, Fronti was disappointed in the level of service and education he was receiving from his financing company. Determined to learn and perfect the business, Gino Fronti set out to share his knowledge and help others avoid the problems he faced early on in the real estate industry. Don Goettling began working with a mortgage company fresh out of college with a finance degree. Goettling uses his skills with numbers to demystify the process of home ownership for his clients.Throughout Southern California, Goettling and Fronti have successfully applied their unique education-based approach to the real estate and lending industry. They pride themselves on taking the time and the effort to gain the support and knowledge they need to guide their clients toward the best options for their particular scenarios. The team’s unique combination of experience, knowledge, and desire to do what’s best for their clients gives them the drive to constantly improve. This demanding drive comes easily to the team because, as Goettling puts it, we all truly love what we do.It’s not difficult to see how their profound love of the industry impacts their clients and their business. Goettling and Fronti share Skyline Home Loan’s mission to positively impact the lives of those individuals who come into contact with our organization. Going a step further, whether focusing on single-family residences, multi-units, residential mortgage lending or commercial lending, Fronti and Goettling are committed to cultivating professional relationships to help their clients achieve their dreams of owning a home. On an essential level, Fronti and Goettling contribute their success to the fact that their tight-knit team truly cares about their clients and their client’s families. As a result of building these relationships between their team and their clients, repeat and referred clients’ accounts for 70% of Fronti and Goettling’s business.

Building these relationships and developing their knowledge and experience, Goettling and Fronti are able then to share them with their partners, clients and potential clients. The team enjoys speaking at conferences and sharing their knowledge and mission with professionals across the county. Due to the successful three years on The Don and Gino Real Estate and Finance Show the two are excited to be creating a national daily market update called “Morning Coffee with Don & Gino” Your Daily Dose of Real Estate Market Updates in order to exploring more ways to expand their reach nationwide to help them share their knowledge, experience, and relationships with leading real estate and financial professionals.

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