Agua Dulce: Country Living, City Access

One of the many housing styles in Agua Dulce

Did you ever hear the term “We’re moving to the country!”? What does that mean? In this metropolitan gargantua known as the greater Los Angeles area, where can one go to get away from it all  for some peace and quiet?

Located just 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, Agua Dulce offers ranch-style, country living. It is a place that provides a small town environment that many crave, while still having access to commute to the L.A. business centers.

Agua Dulce is Spanish for “Sweet Water.” Many people move here because the homes are mostly custom designed, as there is no traditional tract housing in the area. That doesn’t mean Agua Dulce doesn’t have diversity in housing styles and prices. There are many affordable homes in the area, as well as luxury and ranch estates.

The town of Agua Dulce is quaint and offers that idyllic small town charm that

Vasquez Rocks

many people dream about and features  a cafe, general store, hardware store, and other local businesses that serve the community.

For recreation, the famous Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park; home of a unique collection of rock formations that attract visitors worldwide, as well as film crews who have used its location for several feature movies.

I am an Agua Dulce expert. If you want to know more about this area, or want to find out about purchasing a home in this idyllic community, feel free to contact me. I will help you find your dream home and begin your life in “the country.”

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