5 Things Sellers SHOULDN’T Do If They Want To Sell Their Home

Avoiding these misguided steps may hinder how quickly, or for how much, your home sells.

1. Over price your home.Making your home appealing to buyers

This is probably the most common mistake homeowners make when having their home listed for sale. It’s important that sellers grasp the concept of Fair Market Value, and how it pertains to home sales. Pricing your home competitively will bring buyers through your door. Those who think they can list their home at a price above what comparable homes are selling for are either ignoring their agent’s advice, or are getting bad advice from their agent. Contact us to find out more about pricing your home for a quick (and profitable) sale. 

2. Make it difficult for agents to show your home.

One thing that will really help sell your home is to make sure buyers can SEE your home. Limiting showing times or days, or requiring showings by “appointment only” are usually signs for a real estate agent to find ANOTHER home to show their buyer. Allowing a lock box that can only be accessed by licensed agents who will accompany their buyers through your home is the best way to get as many through your doors as possible. You can still require they call or text you in advance before bring their buyers.

3. Hover over the buyers as they preview your home.

Another common misstep taken on behalf of overzealous sellers is to follow the buyer as they preview your home, peppering them with information about how wonderful your house is. Buyers should be allowed space to be able to walk through your home unhindered. This gives them the opportunity to absorb the surroundings, and imagine themselves as residents of the property. Then they can ask you questions at their leisure about the property (if they have them). A few important notes: Buyers will always be accompanied by their agent. If someone shows up alone and asks to see your home, do not let them in, and ask if they are already working with a real estate agent. If they are, have their agent contact us and we’ll schedule a viewing time. If they are not represented by an agent, have them contact us directly and we’ll qualify them as bona fide buyers before bringing them through your doors. 

4. Letting your home look too “lived in.”

While you do want to provide a natural, open and comfortable set of surroundings for the buyer to appreciate when they preview your home, you don’t want to leave it messy, cluttered, or downright dirty. We know it’s kind of a pain, but make sure your home is kept as neat as possible during the showing phase. Beds made, dishes cleaned up, bathroom and kitchen counters free of clutter, and trash removed before buyers come through your door will make a big difference in their impression of your home.

5. Don’t disclose known issues that may affect the sale of your home.

“Buyer beware!” does not exist in real estate. As a homeowner, you are obligated to disclose any known defects or issues your home may have that may affect its sale. Better to get it out of the way, than to face potential arbitration or a lawsuit down the road. Remember, most issues can be taken into account, even if you need to price your home accordingly so that they can be taken care of by the buyer once the escrow closes. Failure to disclose is a MUCH bigger deal killer than having an honest approach to selling your home.

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